Frontier Flight- Early Aviation at Fort Leavenworth

Frontier Flight

This exhibit introduces the history of military aviation and how it began with the Army. The exhibit shows the importance of balloons, dirigibles, and the air plane in early military aviation. The exhibit also highlights early aviation efforts at Fort Leavenworth. With an air field founded in 1912 (before Sherman Army Air Field), air planes and hangars, and famous aviators making their way to post, Fort Leavenworth was predicted to be a large aeronautical center. Unfortunately aviation plans fell through. This exhibit helps reveals the mostly untold story of early aviation at Fort Leavenworth.

Frontier Flight artifacts

Flight Helmet and Oxygen Mask

M380B Flying Boots and B-3A Aviator Gloves

3rd Staff Squadron Badge. "Posse et facere" translates to "And they can do it."

Army Air Corps officer's collar patches and disc

The Topeka Daily Herald, March 1907
LT. Foulois at the motor of a dirigible, St. Jo, MO 1908
Fort Leavenworth News, Aug. 1913
The Leavenworth Post, June 1912

"Flying Fish" airplane

1942 Officer's Army Air Corps Coat. Frontier Army Museum Collection

This officer's coat belonged to Judge Arthur Stanley Jr. He served as an officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps in WWII. The patch on the left arm signifies the 9th Air Forces.

The image above shows a tarp that sheltered planes at Sherman Army Air Field before the first hangar was constructed. This images dates to 1925. Frontier Army Museum Collection.

Air Corps Detachment, Sherman Air Field, 1928. Frontier Army Museum Collection