30. Lincolns Visit to Kansas

Abraham Lincoln traveled to Leavenworth in December 1859 when he campaigned for presidency. In the speeches he gave in Leavenworth he talked about Kansas’s role in the Union and that some course would need to be taken on the issue of slavery and the very idea of it is wrong. He also touched on many other issues going on at the time. The carriage pictured here is believed to be the carriage Lincoln rode in from Troy, KS to Leavenworth. A brass plate on the door reads, “The carriage was used by Abraham Lincoln from Troy, Kansas to Leavenworth in 1859. Built by Brewster in New York 1841. Used in Washington D.C. 1850 and in Leavenworth 1854. Owned, preserved, and presented by H. Bayer in business in Leavenworth 82 years.” During his visit to Leavenworth Lincoln stayed with the Delahay family and shared beer with them poured from the pitcher pictured here. On the bottom of the pitcher is a handwritten note that reads, “From this pitcher Mr. A Lincoln drank a glass of beer when a guest of my father Mar W. Delahay in 1859 at Leavenworth Kansas Kiowa St. near 3rd St. M.E.D.”

Lincoln's Carriage, Frontier Army Museum collection.
Pitcher, Frontier Army Museum collection.
Abraham Lincoln (Image courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society)