20. Battle of El Brazito

The Battle of el Brazito took place early during the Mexican War on December 25, 1846. A few months prior, Colonel Alexander Doniphan received orders from General Stephen Watts Kearney to leave Santa Fe and take his regiment to conquer El Paso and Chihuahua City. On Christmas day Col. Doniphan stopped at a bend in the Rio Grande River known as Brazito to let his troops rest and take the day off. It was while they rested that they spotted a Mexican scouting party and eventually around 1,100 Mexicans from El Paso and Chihuahua City closed in on Col. Doniphan’s 850 men. The Mexican troops wore outstanding uniforms of bright green coats trimmed in red with tall horsetail plumed hats. Many of Col. Doniphan’s men wore ragged buckskins and rough clothing. Appearances can be deceiving, Col. Doniphan and his men formed a line and waited for the Mexican troops to get close enough so they would fire upon the Mexican troops with better accuracy. This broke up the Mexican charge and made them flee. The Mexican force lost 43 men and 50 were wounded. The U.S. only had 7 injured, who all recovered. This victory paved the way for Col. Doniphan to win the battle of Sacramento and allowed the U.S. to take the city of Chihuahua.

For more information about the Battle of el Brazito follow the link here https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/trail-dust-battle-at-brazito-coincided-with-christmas/article_a8892faf-f038-5e9b-a523-ffc6af5c6597.html

Howitzer Tubes ca. 1840, Frontier Army Museum collection.