10. History of Fort de Cavagnial

When Colonel Henry Leavenworth established Fort Leavenworth in 1827 he probably had the same reasoning and idea as the French did in 1774 for a cantonment. The exact location of Fort de Cavagnial is still a mystery, but through written sources from travelers and expeditions, such as the journals of Lewis and Clark and Colonel Stephen Long, evidence shows that it was located somewhere in the vicinity of Fort Leavenworth. The French chose an area along the river in order to regulate trade, especially with the Spanish who were also claiming land in the New World particularly in New Mexico. The French also chose this area because it overlooked Kansa tribe territory which allowed them to trade with the Kansa and other western tribes.

Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnial, Governor of Louisiana (Image courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society)
Model of Fort de Cavignial on display at the Frontier Army Museum.
Fort de Cavignial Commemorative Plaque
Troop de la Marine- Representation of a French Marine, on display at the Frontier Army Museum.